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    Energy Audit/ HVAC Airflow Balancing recommendation

    Haven't even turned ours on yet. Oh wait, we don't have A/C.
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    Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission OKs updates to hike and bike master plan

    I'm interested in seeing how they are planning for bicycle traffic in the roundabouts. Ours here are pretty knarly.
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    NTTA Tolls for OOS (Out of State) plates

    I guess your version of heaven is flat and pretty featureless.
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    Hasn't your racist rants been banned already??
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    Off cycle elections get like a 4% turnout. I like to think of it as my opportunity to cast 25 votes. In the olden days when you could count the votes with a pencil and a piece of paper. High voter turnout from Starwood would essentially determine the election. With all seats at large, that...
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    Grand Park construction could start by 2020

    Coming soon in 2045 - Grand Park - Designed for Hovercraft!!
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    Grand Park construction could start by 2020

    At this pace it may be a fine facility for my great great great grandchildren.
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    Roofers are coming!!!

    What areas were hit?? I replaced the roof just a week before I sold our N Texas house ($28K and the third one in 15 years). I think N Texas needs to consider roof options besides asphalt shingles. Perhaps carbon fiber.
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    Christian Custom Homes President and Wife Indicted on State Fraud Charges

    Never trust anything with the word Christian in it. It's simply trying too hard to create a trust relationship.
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    Keurig Dr Pepper to relocate Texas headquarters from Plano to Frisco

    TDC I don't see it that way. The land was going to be used for something eventually and there are no new Jobs Jobs Jobs - just few fewer commute miles for the people that already had those jobs jobs jobs. These back pocket parcels of land could be better deployed on a more impactful project...
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    Frisco North

    Movie theaters are dead. Direct to video or simultaneous release is the wave of the future. Who the heck wants to go to theater with all the imbeciles in there.
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    Keurig Dr Pepper to relocate Texas headquarters from Plano to Frisco

    The incremental benefits are minimal since the address change will not drive incremental house sales. In general, the SR121/DNT intersection acts as its own economic unit. a localized relocation does little. While the city will recoup some cash for the land sale, it pales compared to using the...
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    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    I suggest everyone just forget the forums completely.
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    What do you wonder about?

    Perhaps you could discuss while surrounded by the opulent Stonebriar surroundings with people wearing the latest fashion how the Meek shall inherit the earth.
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    Ohio/Warren Roundabout update

    They are awesome to drift through!!