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Brandon Novara moved to Frisco from Michigan in 2010 and at the time was writing for With Frisco being the home of FC Dallas, and Brandon being a huge soccer fan, he knew he found a home . Quickly, Brandon became a member of the DFE (Dallas Football Elite) and currently resides on the council. Brandon is involved with the Frisco Music Scene, and currently is working with several artist's to bring more music to Frisco.

August 29, 2017 Cast Iron Soul

Artist Spotlight: Keith Shipman and Cast Iron Soul

Over the years I\'ve talked to a lot of talented musicians, artists, songwriters and just all-around cool people. This artist...

by Brandon Novara
August 23, 2017 Frisco Skate Park

Frisco Skate Park

A few years ago the announcement of a Skate Park coming to Frisco took the city by storm. Residents were eager to hear more about...

by Brandon Novara
August 8, 2017
Kids & Family

Summer Fun Ideas for Teenagers

A few weeks into summer vacation, a couple of things are certain. First, it\'s going to get hotter before it get\'s cooler....

by Brandon Novara
July 19, 2017 Ryan Berg

Artist Spotlight- Ryan Berg

Over the years, I\'ve met and heard hundreds of local artists play across Dallas and Fort Worth.  From full bands to solo...

by Brandon Novara
June 9, 2017 Luke Lagrange

Artist Spotlight: Luke Lagrange

If you\'re a fan of local and live music anywhere around Frisco, you\'ve probably had the opportunity to see this artist play....

by Brandon Novara
June 7, 2017
Feature Articles

Just How BIG Will Frisco Become?

All you have to do is get on the Dallas North Tollway or Preston Road... Maybe even a \"quick\" (ahem, not really) cruise down...

by Brandon Novara
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